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Xsan not starting after adding storage

I added storage to my Xsan this am and now I cant get it started...I get this error in terminal:

State: BLOCKED (configuration file problem) 2012-07-21 09:44:49
Last Admin: START 2012-07-21 09:44:48
Last Termination: exit(19) 2012-07-21 09:44:49
Launches 5, core dumps 0, flags

FSS 'XSAN01' start unsuccessful. Check event log for more details.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Xsan 1.4 LUN got unlabeled-Volume does not mount -SOLVED

Hey Guys..

One of our client tried something terrible on a live Xsan Volume. They connected one Windows 2000 server to FC switch and tried to merge three LUNS of the XSAN Volume from Windows OS. After failing to do so, the three XSAN LUNS got unlabeled and now the Volume does not mount. So my doubt is,

1. Can we just relabel the LUNS to mount the Volume and preserve the Data?
2. If the answer for the above is NO, then will they lose data from the entire Volume, if we try to add (Just like expanding) the LUNs after relabeling it?

Please Help. the client is a TV Broadcaster and want their precious data.
Forgot to mention, the Xsan is 1.4 and the Mac OS X 10.5.


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MOV File Corruption on XSAN 2.3

We're getting very strange, but very damaging, file corruption happening with ProRes MOV files residing on XSAN volumes. While the files can still be opened without issue, there are frames within the MOV that are being corrupted (skips, garbled images, etc.).

Unfortunately this seems to be happening very randomly and it doesn't look like it's a specific volume problem as I created a brand new volume and saw the problem rear its head within a week.

Every time we have shut down the system and brought it back online I have run cvsck -jv, cvfsck -nv, and if there are any issues (which has only happened once) cvfsck -wv. All the LUNs are online and I don't see any errors in the logs.

Apparently this is something that has been around for quite a long time as the owner of this company used to work for Apple in the iTunes unit back in 2006 and they saw this same issue. Looks like Apple isn't telling anyone about it and haven't ever addressed it, but I'd love to hear any ideas/solutions from the community.

This only seems to happen with ProRes MOV files. All MPG files are just fine.

Here's a rundown of our XSAN hardware:

(2) Mac Mini MDCs running Lion Server with 2xSSD drives in a RAID 1 mirror with a TrendNet 1GB USB ethernet adapter and a Promise SANLink
Brocade DCX-8518 Fiber Switch
(6) Proware 42-bay chassis with dual 2GB RAID controllers and dual 1100 watt power supplies
(20) ATTO Faststream 8550 SAS->Fiber RAID controllers
(40) 24-bay JBODs

Most all of the clients are running Mac Pro machines with Lion (a few are running Snow Leopard) and we've got 8 Windows 7 machines running StorNext FX client software.

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Missing LUNs on XRAID

I've got 2 LUNs on the top controller that are not showing up in XSAN admin and even Disk Utility. I've reset the RAID controller, checked all cables, cleaned all dust out of the connections on the mid-plane board, repaired the LUN map, renamed them to something other than what they were previously named, even swapped the controllers. I can see them in RAID admin and nothing is reporting an error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Antivirus on MDC's and Clients

Hello guys,

Is it advisable to install Antivirus for Mac on our Xsan servers(MDC) and clients? I just want to scan xsan volumes for viruses. Is it recommended? I haven't tried it and just want to know your opinion on this matter. And for those people who have experiences on antivirus on xsan please do share. Thanks

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Quantum Stornext 4.3 Released. Supports Named Streams.

The most relevant section of the press release

"For Mac OS X only-based StorNext File System environments, StorNext 4.3 now supports Named Streams. StorNext 4.3 enables simpler hardware upgrades and disaster recovery. With the ability to migrate file system metadata stored on the metadata controller to a different disk geometry, the software allows customers to take advantage of new drive capacities and technologies."

More after the break....

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xsan 2.2 admin guide leads to questions about.

xsan 2.0 admin guide looks at man Xsan Capacities "Number of computers on a SAN (metadata controllers and clients) Maximum 64" manual on the appearance of 2.2 or 2.3 I can not see in the manual.
Each version is not limited?
  If there is a limit to how much the maximum you're telling me.<

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NDMP Backups or Better

Hi All

We have recently implemented a BlueARC NAS device with 60TB of storage and have a Dual LTO 5 tape library. The BlueARC supports NDMP backup and from a post on your knowledge base you are not looking to implement NDMP in your software in the future. My question really is what would be the best way to get the full potential from the LTO drives when using Presstore?

I currently have a Trunked 4Gb link to our switch and 10GB to our NAS device, the Tape Library is connected over 4Gb Fibre, but I very rarely get above 5% buffer on the tape device, so the drives are obviously not being fed quickly enough. I have a client with the same setup but Atempo Time Navigator running NDMP and they get a significantly higher throughput to their drives.


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xsan client mds errors

I have 2 [i]Lion/i MDCs and 5 [i]Snow/i clients.
The below errors are showing up on the Snow clients.

7/6/12 11:20:27 AM[52] XSANFS_FSCTL_SpotlightRPC fsctl failed (errno = 45)ERROR: _MDSChannelInitForXsan: _XsanCreateMDSChannel failed: 45
7/6/12 11:20:27 AM mds[52] (Error) Message: MDSChannel RPC failure (fetchPropertiesForContext:) [no channelAccessToken]
7/6/12 11:20:27 AM[52] ERROR: _MDSChannelXsanFetchAccessTokenForUID: dead channel
7/6/12 11:20:27 AM mds[52] (Error) Store: {channel:0x101a41500 localPath:'/Volumes/Media'} bring up failed -- will retry

Spotlight on the clients is set to ignore the "Media" volume, and I turned off Spotlight for the volume in Xsan, but these errors persist and they're filling up log files.

Promise VTrak: RAID Head - Xsan (Metadata, Journal, and Data) (Apple KB)

This article contains a script used to configure Promise VTrak RAID controllers for Xsan (Metadata, Journal, and Data).

Read more:


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