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Mountain Lion drops support for xserve 2008


I was in the middle of acquiring components to use in a new xsan build. 2 of which are 2x 3.0Ghz xserve (2008) for MDC. But there are unconfirmed list of dropped computers in Mountain lion and they are on the list. I dont think I would build a production xsan with the brand new os/xsan 3 but if there is never the option too upgrade show I look at getting newer MDC? I looked at the mac mini but its geek bench score was lower then the 8 core 2008 xserve.

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config files in Library/Filesystems/Xsan/ are DELETED.HELP!!

Crashing in Xsan Volume suddenly 3 day ago, until now cannot MOUNT the VOLUME .
all the files & folders in Library/Filesystems/Xsan/ are deleted

tried to verefied the volume from Disk Utility .. but every time the same error ( partition map check failed because no slices were found )

unfortunately have no backup, and i can't lose the DATA on volume it's very important .

1- G-Technology - G-speed FC XL 12 TB
2- Using Raid 5 +1 + hot-spair
3- Q-Logic 1400 Fiber switch 10 Ports
4- Apple Fiber Channel Card
5- a (One) MDC MAC pro 2x2.26GHz QUAD-CORE - INTEL 0
b 6G MHz RAM DDR 3
c Mac OS x server LION 10.7
e Xsan V.2.3

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Expanding Volume Woes

We expanded one of our volumes today and had some interesting results, I'm hoping someone might have seen this and can offer a resolution,

We expanded our VTRAK storage by stacking on an expansion chassis. We formatted the volume with Apple's preconfigured scripts, all logs show that went fine and the jobs are completed. We have a one 2TB LUN and pool for metadata and two 10 TB LUNs in a single pool for video. We added two additional 10 TB LUNs to the existing 20 TB pool for a total of 40TB. We're running XSAN 2.2.

We ran the expansion via XSAN to add the new LUNs to the current pool, all indications are that it went fine. The new pool and volume shows up as 40TB as you would expect. However, we do not have any more free space. We started with 3.75TB of free space, even though we expanded to 40TB we still have 3.75TB of free space according to XSAN admin, Finder, and cvadmin all indicate that we now have doubled the capacity of our volume but have not added any free space.

Attempted resolutions:
Log files indicate no problems. We have incrementally rebooted everything and also performed a full shutdown.

Any ideas where our free space is?

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Apple Hardware Test misidentifies some graphics cards on a Mac Pro (Mid 2012) (Apple KB)

Apple Hardware Test version 3A222 misidentifies the following graphics cards on a Mac Pro (Mid 2012):

The ATI Radeon HD 5770 is identified at an ATI HD Radeon 5870
The ATI Radeon HD 5870 is identified at an ATI HD Radeon 5770

Read more:

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Mac Pro RAID Card and Xserve RAID Card (Early 2009): Enabling system sleep (Apple KB)

Learn which conditions you need to meet to put your Mac Pro or Xserve with a RAID Card (Early 2009) to sleep.

Read more:

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Kelogger for iMac/Xsan


Is there any way of monitoring user activity especially related to file creation, deletion or editing by any "default feature/utility" of Apple OS X or other software.

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McData Sphereon 4500 connection issue


Having a bit of an issue getting the workstations to link. They are connected via the orange fibre cables with the little metal adapters. The 2 Xserves and the 2 RAID units are connected with the white Apple FC cables and have no problem linking. These orange FC cables should be fine, as they were working on our now decomed SANbox switch.

Anyone have any history with this switch that might be able to shine some light on why the orange cables are the only ones not linking? Thanks!

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Migrate to Lion

Getting ready to migrate to Lion or possibly Mountain Lion depending on date.
Have XSAN 2.2 on OSX 10.6.8. 2 MDC servers. The backup MDC is also DNS and OD using ACLs, as well as network share.
10 Adobe graphic clients
4 FCP 7 clients
Promise Array with expansion chassis.
Qlogic 5602 fiber switches.

Anyone done this yet? Any tips?

Upgrade or clean builds?

What happens to licenses in Xsan Admin since Lion comes with licenses?


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Openfiler as a building block for XSan


I have started to compile a complete building plan on how to put together an open filer system that can be used well with XSan. I have built half a dozen of them so far, so slowly know how to do it. Check it out! I hope some of you guys might find this helpful.


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Fetching ... problem with xsan

I posted this on

TLDR: Xsan setup with two servers (one with network account server and secondary mds, other directory replication and primary mds)

Keep getting "Fetching..." in Get info, and can not pinpoint where it breaks (because sometimes it works)

Latest Xsan, updated, setup by the book...

Any help appreciated.



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