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Stornext 5 Announced at IBC

Quantum announces latest version of Stornext, coming as appliances end of 2013. Software only packages available Q1 2014.

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Permissions and ACLs

I haven't the foggiest what's going on with my Xsan volume right now, maybe someone can help me out...

I've got a shared volume that affords individual users with a personal storage space that they should have full control over, other users in the group need to be able to read and write but not delete or take ownership. For whatever reason, the ACL and permissions on this folder seem to bork themselves with no rhyme or reason. I've re-established the proper perms and propagated them but they just seem to keep changing, randomly. Here and there, a user will lose all perms to their own folder while other users will retain their perms without issue. I'm baffled.


Xsan: Avoid using native extended attributes with StorNext clients (Apple KB)

If you connect StorNext clients to an Xsan volume, avoid enabling native extended attributes. StorNext clients may not preserve extended attributes when copying or moving files on the SAN volume.

Read more: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3751

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SANLink w/ mac mini MDCs- can I daisy chain display?


I'm about to replace my aging XServe MDCs with Mac Minis and SANLinks. Since my only display output options are thunderbolt or hdmi, and since converting hdmi to vga for my equally ancient KVM is not easily accomplished, I'm wondering if I can just daisychain through the SANLink?



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Mac OS X + XSAN + Storage

Good afternoon.
At the moment there is a problem with inheritance rights. Namely, there is a server with MAC OS X (opendirectory) + server xsan + storage
The storage is a folder, say, "test", it assigned the following rights: The user admin - reading and writing, the group wheel - reading and writing, the band stuff - read and write, everyone - reading and writing. There are user user (with opendirectory) on your mac pro is connected to the storage and starts as soon as the upload files to test pacu, change the permissions on user - read and write, everyone - no access.
That's why this is so? Why files or folders do not inherit rights from parent folder?

Xsan: Available free space incorrect on heavily fragmented volumes (Apple KB)

On an Xsan volume with heavy free space fragmentation, the available free space may be less than expected.

Read more: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3041

Xsan: How to adjust the journal size (Apple KB)

Learn how to adjust an Xsan volume's journal size.

Read more: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3762

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Need XSAN Consultation

We are in dire need of an XSAN consultant or at least pointed in the right direction. I believe our setup to be very small (2 client) and this would be a cake walk for someone with XSAN experience.

Anyone up for it?

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Maximum limits from SAN target to MAC OS 10.x?

Quick question I can't seem to find...

What is the maximum number of SAN luns that can be allocated from a single Xsan fibre channel target port to a MAC OS? Is it 255, 512, or higher? Is this documented anywhere?

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Can someone help me out with some basics on snfsdefrag?
I've read through a ton of info out there on usage of cvfsck -f to identify the amount of files with fragmentation but how do I correlate that in to snfsdfrag in order to "clean-up" the fragmentation?


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