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Build an Xsan with Thunderbolt Shared Storage

Build an Xsan with only Thunderbolt. Is that possible?

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Umask fixed in Yosemite: OSX 10.10.3


Changing the umask for the user or system context has now been restored in OS X 10.10.3

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Xsan, Lion Server: Issues saving a file to an Xsan volume; "GSLibraryErrorDomain error 1" appears (Apple KB)

In OS X Lion and Lion Server v10.7 through v10.7.2, if a file on a locally mounted Xsan volume has been edited by multiple users on different systems, you may see the following alert message when trying to save the file: "The operation couldn’t be completed. (GSLibraryErrorDomain error 1.)"

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Xsan 2: Xsan Admin displays an authentication alert if HTTPS proxy is used (Apple KB)

When using Xsan Admin on a Mac that has been configured to use an HTTPS proxy, you may encounter unexpected authentication issues when connecting to Xsan systems. The following alert may appear: "Authentication failures occurred. Not all clients were successfully authenticated."

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Cannot add client, client already exists error

We have just set up XSAN (version 3/Mavericks) with 7 users.
All the users have joined the "Workgroup" by default and all work perfectly well.
We have an 8th client who we can mount as a computer in the XSAN share list, but we cannot add to "Workgroup". Both XSAN Admin (3.1) and Server (3.2.2) advise that user already exists, which is not the case.
We've attempted to remove the computer and add again with no luck.
Any pointers will result in beer.

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Xsan: Compatibility of SAN clients with Xsan and StorNext controllers (Apple KB)

Learn which versions of StorNext can be used in the same SAN with Xsan controllers, and which versions of Xsan can be used in the same SAN with StorNext controllers.

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How to select an Xsan metadata network in OS X Server (Yosemite) (Apple KB)

This article explains how to select a private metadata network after a SAN has been created.

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Lost Serial Cable that came with the E Class

Hello all,
I have got a Promise VTrack E Class and extension J Class and an Xserve.
After updated the firmware of E Class from 3 to 4.2, the Vtrack is in maintenance mode. Article found on Promise KB website deals with this situation :
As this article say,

Unfortunatly, we lost Serial Cable that came with the E Class to link Vtrack to XServe serial port. I Think it is really simple to homemade but I didn't find the schema on the web. It is a simple serial cable (RJ11 to DB9). Could someone help me to homemade it or find another way to exit maintenance mode.

Thanks a lot for your help

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OS X Server (Yosemite): Server administrator credentials are required when installing Xsan configuration profiles (Apple KB)

Learn which username and password to use when installing an Xsan configuration profile on OS X Server (Yosemite).

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Manage Mount Volumes in Xsan 4

Hello everybody.
I have a question, maybe it's simple.

I actually have an Xsan 4 with a first Volume 1 created and regularly mounted on all my 8x clients connected.

Now i have to add a second volume with a new array, but some clients will have to mount only the first, some clients only the second, and some clients both volumes.

Now that the Xsan Admin is gone, how can i manage the mount of multiple volumes using the new profiler system?

Thank you very much for your time


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