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Labeling LUN: SANTransactionErrorDomain

Hello there Xsanity members!

Im fairly new to setting up Xsan systems and here in our company we are currently setting up one.

I will try to be short and concise:

We are unable to label one of the LUN's. The smallest one 3TB LUN which is designated for Metadata cannot be labeled and thus unusable in Xsan.

After trying to relabel that 3TB lun through XSAN admin i get UI message "Failed to label LUNs on computer MDC1's Mac mini."

Also system log is automatically printing out "Error labeling luns: The operation couldn’t be completed. (SANTransactionErrorDomain error 1.) (1)".

I have found one similar Xsanity thread where lucky fellow managed to solve issue by rebooting both MDC's which didnt helped us.

Other three LUN's are visible and usable.

Hopefully someone can shed some light on this issue.


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SanLink2 Mavericks Beta Driver

Does anyone have a driver for Promise SanLink2 different from the 1.0.39 on the web site. Currently, I have new SanLink2 and new MacPro's, but can't see my ActiveRAID LUN's and it looks like someone on here said that the first driver had a bug, but that there was a new driver. I have contacted support, but doubt I hear back on weekend and really need to get this working.

If someone has a driver that works with SanLink2 and Active Storage RAID, please contact me.

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OS X 10.10 Yosemite and Xsan

OS X Server and Xsan live on!

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