ATTO HBA LUN ISSUE - AGAIN, this time with 10.9??? RESOLVED!

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I used to have issues with ATTO 41/42ES HBAs seeing all the LUNs on our XSAN system (Qlogic 5600/Infortrend RAIDS). Replacing the problem client PCI card with an Apple 4Gb card eliminated the problem.

Since updating the XSAN to Lion 10.7.4/10.7.5, and using the latest available ATTO drivers/flash files for the 41/42ES - the problems 'had' disappeared.

Unfortunately, while rumming some pre-upgrade tests using a metadata controller on Mavericks 10.9.1, it appears the problem has reoccured. Its a real issue now as I have many connected clients running the ATTO cards, and updating the MDC OS may or may not make them stop seeing the various XSAN volumes.

I've tried flashing the ATTO firmware etc, but a test client machine I have here happily running on an ATTO 41ES and Lion 10.7.5 to our existing 10.7 MDC, when connected to the test 10.9 XSAN will not see some LUNS on either 10.7 or 10.9. Swap the HBA for an Apple, and hey presto - there they are. Grrrr!

Has anyone come across this issue - or better still got a fix (that does not involve buying Apple cards!) ?



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I think the bigger issue is that ATTO has EOLd their 4Gbit cards even though they are perfectly good. They seem to be taking a page from Apple's forced obscelence playbook, which was once stolen from Microsoft. As a result, there isn't a driver for 10.9 for those cards. I would suspect that this is partially an issue with ALUA.



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Acutually I resolved the problem.

Indeed the 4Gig cards are perfectly good, especiallly the 42ES in dual-link mode!

My problem was a combination of the ATTO card, but also the RAID. I managed to update the firmware of some 'redundant-since-Lion' Infortrend A12-2422F 4Gig RAIDs that allowed the volumes to be visible on Mavericks (and Lion+ ML) , using the Apple/LSI 4Gb HBA.

I wrongly assumed the Attos would work the same, but alas not. It's to do with the ATTO cards inability to read all the LUNS when split over the 2 independednt channels, and the way the older RAIDs controller seems to map them.

The resolution was to map all the 2422s LUNs onto a single 4Gb channel. It reduced the bandwith a little (less than I thought though), but as I will just be using these as metadata RAIDs it not the end of the world.

For the test I used a 2nd gen MacPro running 10.9.1 server as the MDC, and connected 3 clients one running lion, one ML, one mavericks. the mavericks machine had a 41ES with the 4.0.1 driver, and 2013 firmware.

I'm happy with the results and feel comfortable about upgrading our main 10.7.5 MDCs to Mavericks when the time comes...