QLogic End-of-Life for 9000 series fiber channel switches

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Today we learned that QLogic silently End-Of-Life’d the 9000 series Fiber Channel Switch product line on December 31st, 2013. It is no longer possible to purchase the switches or any of their upgrade components.

Customers who already own 9000 series products should be notified that QLogic will continue to offer support for existing installations.

Customers who’s switches are NOT currently under support should be are that QLogic does not offer any option to purchase replacement parts for any components that fail, The only way to obtain replacement parts is through an active support contract.

The 5800 series is still shipping but the writing is quite clearly on the wall. Time to snuggle up to Brocade and Cisco!!!

(Related, QLogic and Brocade recently announced a strategic partnership.)


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Qlogic had already announced they were getting out of the switch business...