MDC's are not responding

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Need some help please. Both my xserve mdc's running 10.7.5 server are unreachable with ARD and SSH. The video output is black. I am able to get into the machines with server admin on the LOM port, and they ping fine, but that is it. The san is still up and running and all clients are mounted with full access to the san. One of the mdc's seems to be paniced as the fans are screaming. One of my connected xserve client acting as a reshare server was in the same state yesterday. I rebuilt the directory with Disk Warrior and was able to get it back, but the AFP service is missing and now the xsan volume is missing. I am concerned if I do get one of the mdc's back, they will come up in this useless state.

Apple xsan teir 2 support folks are stumped, but have recommended using tty to get into one of the mdc's using the com port. Not sure how to start a terminal session with the com port, or what commands to use on the sick mdc's. I am concerned any tinkering via tty may cause a failover to an already sick machine. Very bleak.

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UPDATE: I had to resort to saying a prayer and power cycling both MDC's at the same time. It worked, san came up fine. The cause of the whole thing ended up being some bad video hardware on one of my MDC's. Not sure why it affected the other MDC the way it did.

Thanks to Matt Geller and Chris Collum for holding my hand during this scary time.

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