Upgrade Xsan 2.2 / OSX10.6.8 to 10.9 Mavericks

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We have been running an Xsan 2.2, OSX 10.6.8, FCServer 1.5 system on 6 edit suites and 7 server for a few years now. We are finally looking at replacing the FCServer dam probably next year. I'm wondering if I need to be worried about loosing data on our 96 terabytes of Xsan storage when I upgrade from 10.6.8 to 10.9 Mavericks? I know it's a different file system, but just checking if people had any problems? I'm thinking about renting a couple raids to backup our current data, rebake the current 96T raids, update everything to new OSX/Xsan and move the data back to the refreshed raids. Obviously expensive and time consuming so just checking to see what everyones experiences has been with this over the last couple years.

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Matt James

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I'm in the middle of doing this right now. We haven't lost any data but it seems that unless you move the entire system (all MDCs and all clients) to Mavericks all at the same time, you're probably going to have some issues.

(see here http://www.xsanity.com/forum/troubleshooting/unable-demote-or-make-metad... for more details)

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I just did mine. See upcoming article.