Achievement Unlocked: Upgrade!

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I finally did it.

After looking forward / fearing the upgrade for years, I finally migrated off my old XServes to Mac Minis, and moved from Mac OS 10.5 to 10.9.

The move had been long delayed for lack of scheduled down time, lack of funding for new servers, and a little bit of fear of things going wrong.

The background story.

My clients (6 of them) were all running 10.6, even though the servers were 10.5. I almost never had trouble with XSAN itself, except the occasional ACL issue or snfsdefrag necessary when disks got near full. We had been planning to upgrade for a long time, but for one reason or another it just never happened. Even lately, I had planned to upgrade to new Mac Pros for clients when they were released, but I think we will change our short term plans to work with four new iMacs and four of our old Mac Pros.

Of course adding new clients required an XSAN upgrade, which also required new servers since I was on first-gen XServes. So Mac Mini + xMac chassis + old fiber cards were the plan, whenever we were able to get the funds set aside.

Things get scary.

My util server failed about a year back. It really wasn't doing much at the time so it wasn't a great loss. But then my mdc2 failed. It was always the more stable mdc. Sometimes XSAN admin would not work well on mdc1. Also mdc2 was my OD master. So I had to promote mdc1 which was the replica.

Fortunately, mdc1 continued to work fine.

Time to prepare.

So we purchased the Mac Mini Servers back in October, but we were in the middle of our busy projects, so I could not upgrade until January at the earliest. I got the team to stay on top of backups in case things went sour and to prepare for the migration. I also made a time machine backup of my mdc, exported lunlabels, and copied xsan config folder.

Should be good to go? Am I forgetting anything?

It's time.

Shut it all down. Disconnect clients, shut down volumes, etc. Connect mini, plug in mdc1 time machine backup, import data. Go through setup.

Got hung up on network config. Apparently it locks if you have two network ports connected. Unplug one, reboot, do it again, replug network. No big deal. Oh wait, fiber zoning. Was using an old card, had to re-alias and re-zone it.

After all that, one of my XSAN volumes decided to mount! Even before I launched XSAN admin. Launch XSAN admin, start second volume, things look good!

Do it again.

First problem - these minis shipped with 10.8. Shut down volumes, download Mavericks, do another time machine backup, install. Good to go.

And again.

Turn on new mdc2, upgrade to Mavericks, change fiber zoning, add second mdc in XSAN admin. No problems.

Oh wait, where's Open Directory? 

For some reason my OD did not make it through the upgrade to 10.8. No big deal, as my OD pretty much consists of one group. Recreated it on mdc1, setup replica on mdc2. [note I plan to move primary to util server].

Re-add the clients!

Booted up clients. Some of them somehow popped up one of the volumes before I re-added them in XSAN admin. Weird. Added them in XSAN admin, and despite complaining that their XSAN versions were older, everything worked fine.  Turned spotlight on for both volumes. Everything is good! Woohoo!

This was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be!

Still to do:

  • Setup util server for SMB shares.
  • Upgrade clients to 10.9 (some will stay at 10.6 because they are old)
  • Add new iMacs when they arrive
  • Change IP to new subnet
  • Change to new Active Directory domain
  • Figure out if I can now remove lunzero from my NexSAN satabeast. I think Abs told me something about ALUA in 10.7+, will have to go look at old notes.


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Nice work! Thanks for the writeup.

I would recommend upgrading to 10.9.2, as this is supposed to fix some nasty OS X networking issues where all TCP sockets gets used, thus causing Xsan volume failovers.


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Note: because you rebuilt your OD, if you had any ACLs in the volume, they are messed up. ACLs include a pointer to the directory source, which now is gone. :-(

Shouldn't be much of a problem, but I just wanted to give you a heads-up.