Xsan Permission Propagation

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Within my environmentw we have:

A 70Tbs Xsan volume running v3.0, two 10.8.5 MDCs on Xserves, combination of Promise E&J raids, four Qlogic 5600 switches and another Xserve used as a fileserver sharing out folders from the Xsna volume.

I have noticed when I propogate ACL permissions with full read/write, from the root folders, down our folder strucutre, the permissions don't trickle down all the way.

Ex: I have a folder structure with ten folders and within the last folder, there are files. Via Xsan Admin, the files lack ACL rights because the last (tenth) folder doesn't have proper rights. Though, the above folders (1-9) do have the ACL rights. 

Is there any type of bug within Xsan where permissions stop tricking down at a certain point?


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We have seen a problem where an ACL will not be applied to a folder or file that is owned by a user or group that no longer exists. 

You can use the 'find' command in the Terminal with the path to your root folder and the '-nouser -or -nogroup' options. It would look similar to this:

find /path/to/folder -nouser -or -nogroup

Once you find a file or folder without a valid user or group, you can fix this in the Finder or in the Terminal with the chown command.

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An other thing that mostly works for me, is to simply clear all ACLs, before propagating.

sudo chmod -RN /path/to/folder