Xsan 2 on a Xserve2,1 (10.6.8) and Marvericks

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Hi everibody,

I've a question about the old osx server and his client. Can I have different OSX version client using Xsan 2 on my 10.6.8 Xserve2,1 server?

Because i want to buy a new mac, and maybe upgrade another one, but I don't know if can coexist different OS-Client in the same Xsan network

Thamk you so much!


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You can technically use different OS versions, but you might run into an awful lot of problems if you do (see my threads for examples.  . .) You'll need to upgrade your metadata controller to Mavericks with Xsan 3.1, and the older clients will need Xsan 2.2.2 to function correctly with a Maverick's controller.

My personal experience with 3 Mavericks Metadata controllers and 11 clients (2 Mavericks clients and 9 Snow Leopard) over 3 months is that this configuration will work most of the time, but you'll have swarms and swarms of Console error messages, a higher rate of failovers and general connectivity hiccups and problems. I could have other factors that are making my life hell at the moment, but that is my experience with introducing Mavericks into an Xsan envrionment thus far.