Xsan Doesn't Mount One of the Volumes

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We have two volumes on Xsan. When we mount it, one of the volumes doesn't show up. But it did yesterday.

We have one MDC and one client. We have a raid storage through fiber. The problem started after we have restarted the storage which was not responding.

Everything is alright on the storage side. Both MDC and the client can detect the Xsan's Luns when I check it on disk utility, and on terminal "diskutil list" command.

On Xsan Admin, volumes, Luns, seems alright. I don't get any errors when mounting.

I can't see the volume in /Volumes.

I have tried full system shutdown and powerin up in a proper order several times.

I haven't renamed volumes.

I can see both volumes on cvadmin.

The same problem occurs on both MDC and the client.

I have tried replacing the_not_mounting_volume.cfg file from my backup files.

There is no fiber switch in the between.

There is only MDC and client machines on the network.

I have tried flushing dns also.

I see "vote call for FSS inhibited" logs for the volume in the log files.

Actually nothing has changed in the system. Even a single line of configuration.

I have been digging internet for the last 6 hours, but couldn't find anything helping.

Lastly, I have done cvfsck with nv option. It turned with the volume "would have been modified" message. Then ran it with wv option. But it didn't help either.



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I can mount/unmount the volume manually using "xsanctl mount/unmount volume_name" command. For some reason, it doesn't mount it through the Xsan Admin GUI.

Does anyone have any idea about that?