ActiveStorage won't mount after server reboot?

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Hi All,

We've got an ActiveRAID ES connected through a SanLink 2, and I'm finding that if i have to reboot our server (new Mac Pro, 3GHz 8Core, 64GB RAM) the ActiveRAID won't mount until i reboot the ActiveRAID. I've tried leaving both running and powercycling the SanLink 2, I've also tried a spare SanLink 2 and the issue persists.

Is it normal that it doesn't come up unless i reboot? does anyone else have a similar experience? I'm considering creating a script that reboots the ActiveRAID on boot or something if i can't find a different solution.

I guess im trying to narrow it down to the ActiveRAID (and does it need to be replaced) or is it the SanLink 2 and this is just how it is?

any thoughts welcomed.

Thanks guys.

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It seems the current version of the SANLink2 driver may have issues: