XSAN 2 Cant authenticate in XSAN Admin but XSAN mounts

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So we have a 100TB XSAN 2 Installation with 2 MDCs and 2 Client and wanting to add 2 more clients. The XSAN was moved in an office building. And the settings were messed with. Now here is the scenario. The metadata network did not change, but the public net work did change. And the FQDNs for the computers changed as well :(. Remarkebly the 2 existing clients can log into the SAN still. But we cannot authenticate them in XSAN admin, nor can we add new clients to the SAN. it fails at the authentication stage. Here is what we have done

1. We have recreated a full DNS on the main MDC and checked our settings with changeip and scutil to be sure everything looks up both ways and it does. Also have entrees for the clients
2. We had to destroy the OD replica on the MDC2 because the ip address had changed. So we took the MDC 1 to a standalone and then made it a master again and then had MDC2 join it, and everything is working there

The only clue we have is that when we look at the computers in XSAN admin it is still listing the old public ip addresses for them all EXCEPT for its own which shows the new address. The new public IPS show for all MDCs and Clients on their own network pages and using the scutil to check hostnames fully works as well.

HELP! We need to get the last two computers up and we are out of thoughts. We don't know the dig command that we see referenced. Can someone explain? The only silver lining is that our current two MDCs and two clients CAN use the SAN fully. But i have 24 hours to get the other computers up.

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Are you meaning that they can't authenticate in the XSAN admin screen under computers?
Are your clients macs or pcs?
Sorry for the questions to your question.
If you can go back and forth with DNS then that is good.
Did you forget to copy .auth_secret? That one gets me every time for some reason

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Thanks for the reply! The clients are all running 10.8.5 Three Mac Pros, and One Imac. The Servers are XSERVES running 10.6.5. I can't authenticate to the computers from the XSAN Admin screen. But I can connect just fine to them with screen sharing and ssh. And when I log into each of the MDCs and launch Xsan Admin, I get the little green bubble for that server itself, but the other MDC and the other clients are "requires password" and then they fail when I try. But the SAN is operational. I also can not browse the files from the XSAN admin to set affinities either.

The XSAN can be mounted the two MDC volumes and the two existing clients and fail over of the MDCs works great.

I am checking now to see I have the .auth_secret but I am not getting any errors in XSAN. but I will check

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You should check your versions too, make sure your clients are at the right version to connect to your server.

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the reason your seeing this issue is because your clients don't know how to talk to a 10.6 server. previous post is right about version. the SAN works because the underlying stornext information is all correct. you probably did straight upgrade so everything is supported from a stornext standpoint, so the SAN works but the xsan management portion does not.

-Trevor Carlson