Can a Mac Xsan Client mount both Xsan and Stornext Volumes?

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I have 2 SANs, one traditional Xsan (Mac MDCs) and one Stornext (Linux MDC).

I'm trying to get a mac client to mount both SANs with no luck.

The Xsan has all Mac Clients and 1 StornextFX Client. The Stornext SAN has 2 Linux Clients, 2 Windows Clients (NOT FX), and hopefully 1 Mac client... I have enough licenses for one more client on the Stornext SAN.

Of course the Mac Client mounts the xsan just fine. And I've read how to join a mac client to the stornext sanon quantums knowledge base, although it seems rather old (it mentions xsan licenses).

My fear is the .auth_secret file is going to mess up my plans. I have heard rumors you can kill the .auth_secret file from the entire xsan but I haven't been able to test this yet as the xsan is a live production volume getting used almost all the time.

So has anyone ever accomplished this?

This can be done. You need to have same .auth_secret on both Xsan and Stornext MDC's for this to work. You can basically copy the Xsan .auth_secret to the linux mdc's and stornext clients.

You also need to add all mdc ip-addresses to the fsnameservers file for Xsan and SNFS mdc's and the clients that wish to mount both filesystems.

It's good idea to lock the fsnameserver file from changes on the Xsan client as the Xsan admin jealously modifies the contents if it does not like what it sees.

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That is exactly what I did... Worked like a charm... Xsan admin complains about FSM Coordinator mismatch on the mac client but other than that it seems fine.