new LUN size wrong in xSAN 2.2

Hi, I have new VTrak E630f that I will add to xSAN 2.2. At first it was configured with two LUNs of 10TB + one of 4TB. I wanted to change that, so instead, I created three LUNs RAID5 of 8TB each. This is when I realized that xSan was detecting the first LUN (LD0) as still 10TB and the others were OK at 8TB. So that was weird. I then decided not to add those LUN to xSAN since it was erroneous. I started from scratch again with a different config of two LUN of 12TB, xSAN still added the LD0 as a 10TB .... so LD0 is stuck a 10TB in xSAN. I did restart both Metadata controllers and the VTrak raid and it is still seen at the wrong size of 10TB ?? The only thing I did not restart is the Fiber Channel switch in between. Anyone have an idea about this? Thanks

(*I resolved my problem by myself, this the Forum is a good source of old info but doesnt seem to be updated anymore. Lots of garbage and out of subject posts. Was this site hacked? *)

The first time my LUNs appeared in xSAN, I changed the label. When I changed my LUNs size the first LUN reappeard with the same old size, not the new LUN size. No matter which size I created the LUN after that, It always reconnected showing the first size and sectors count.

I finally found that if in xSAN admin, i remove the LUN label, it then appears with the right size and then I renamed it.

So now I expanded my SAN with those new LUN and double my SAN capacity.

Merci tout de meme.