Xserve Firmware

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I have one working raid array with firmware 1.5.1f2/1.51b the other has the latest firmware. I cant find the old firmware version on apples support site does anyone have a copy or a link?


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Apple Firmware updates do not allow 'downgrades', so the only way is to stay at current version or update (and never back...:-( )
And the firmware is tied to the version of the Xserve Raid Admin tool.
so the [url=http://support.apple.com/kb/TA24510]1.5.1 version of the utility/url has the 1.5.1 firmware
the 1.5 version is here [url=http://support.apple.com/kb/DL434]1.5/url
Older versions I cannot find easily. Contact me offline if you need them


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Hi Mjsanders

The reason i ask is the raid array with firmware 1.5.1f2/1.51b has no issues the other with the latest firmware restarts when put under any pressure. I can get it to restart if i create a file over 2GB.

I must contact apple as it has made the second raid array virtually useless.

Thanks again for your help.