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    solved the issue from change the value 1 to 0 from window 7 registry manager .

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    Same problem here.

    I’m having issues with *all* Office 2016 for Mac (v.15.24) programs being unable to write/save files other than PDF to our XSAN and user home folders. The error reads: Alert - Document Not Saved. Excel spreads (.xlsx), word docs (.docx), powerpoint (.pptx) files refuse to be written despite user permissions to the destination being Read/Write. I use OS X Server to set these permissions. The workaround is to save the file locally and then move it to the desired location. When this document is opened again from the xsan location, it cannot be overwritten, it must still be saved locally.

    When Office for Mac 2016 performs a save, it saves a temporary directory on the volume first, and then swaps the file with the actual file the user wants to save to (to prevent corruption of the original file). Normally, the temporary directory path returned by Apple's API will be somewhere located in a hidden folder called ".TemporaryItems" in the root of the share where the user has mounted (in our case, /Volumes/Stornext/.TemporaryItems). Normally, access to this location is Everyone>Read Only, but I've set the ACL permissions to Read/Write, with no change. I would like to use OS X Server to change the permissions but Server does not reveal the hidden folder: .TemporaryItems

    Microsoft Office 2011 has no trouble writing [.pptx, .xlsx, .docx] files to the xsan, which leads me to believe that something with Office 2016 might be the issue, rather than our san.

    El Capitan v.10.11.5
    Office 2016 for Mac v. 15.24
    Quantum Stornext 5

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    its on ibooks, the migration guide that is. there really is no xsan admin guide anymore. What is your question? Check out this post from matx.

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    Dear all
    i piyush from india i have just xsan 4 environment i know about fully x san 2 environment but i dont have admin guide for x san 4 please suggest where can i download input any idea or https
    link for x san 4 user guide and admin guide in pdf format or video. I confused about some little topics what i do suggest please any one

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    Are you sure open directory is there?

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    I tried rolling back the MDC to a previous date via Time Machine (boot to Recovery, restore from Time Machine). It worked! Open Directory started on the master and I was able to add the client.

    The only leftover issue I see is that it looks like on the 2nd MDC (the one that was the OD replica) it doesn't look like it's a replica anymore. It sees the master, but doesn't show itself as a replica.

    Any insights on the smoothest way to fix that? I'm going to leave it alone for a couple of days before messing with it.

    And yes, the first thing I did was to Archive my Master OD. :)

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    Good to hear, be sure to make an archive of your open directory master incase it ever becomes corrupt. I would make an new archive anytime you make significant changes to your SAN.

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    Thank you so much for your help Trevor.
    No errors, everything is functioning great. We got MDC1, MDC2 and CS1(3 controllers)
    MDC1 has DNS and Open Directory Master enabled
    MDC2 DNS, AFP, Mail, Web and Open Directory Replica enabled
    CS1 is pretty much the same as MDC2

    Thanks again

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    10.8 and 10.9 may also work, the goal is to get the SAN moved up to the new Xsan architecture introduced in 10.7. Before you move to 10.10 or 10.11 you will need to make sure open directory is working. I have never done 10.6>10.10/11 but I have done 10.6>10.7/8/9>10.10/11

    Can you tell me more about your SAN? Status of controllers, errors you are seeing, open directory etc.

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    Sounds like MDC1 isn't seeing the LUNS but MDC2 is. The yellow typically meant at least one controller couldn't see the LUNS. pump out a diskutil list from both your MDCS next time this happens. Check FC connections between controllers(mostly MDC1) and switch.

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    the minute i boot MDC1 the yellow exclamation mark appears at the unnamed LUN...

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    XSAN 3.1, enhance storage, two macminis as MDC's, promise sanlinks


    I've inherited this Xsan at my new Job. I know a thing or two about Xsan but i'm no wizard.. ;)
    Last week the volume did a failover from mdc1 to mdc2 couldn't get my head around why. After a reboot of mdc1 and a failover back from mdc2 to mdc1 everything seemed ok. Two days later same thing. But this time my storage (enhance RS16) was not showing up in the disk util. So powering down both mdc's, reboot of the storage and the volume worked again.

    I had noticed before all this happened that there was a yellow exclamation mark at the LUN overview. Because the volume failovered the last time to mdc2 i booted that mdc first.
    I noticed that there is no yellow exclamation mark anymore, but the minute i boot up mdc1 its there...

    When i go to the LUNs in XSAN admin I see three of them:

    empty - 26 TB - empty - empty
    XsanLUN1 - 2TB - MetadataAndJournal - Video
    XsanLUN2 - 22 TB - Video - Video

    Where is the first collum is 'LUN Label" the second "Size" the third " Storage Pool" and the fourth " Volume".

    Question: is it normal to have an unnamed LUN? And what does the yellow exclamation mark mean the minute i boot mdc1?