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    We had an aging Xsan (3 Xserve RAIDs, 1 "Apple" Promise RAID) that we just did a modest upgrade to- we purchased a fairly inexpensive CineRAID Fibre channel RAID (works GREAT once we figured out how to configure it properly, the included instructions were pretty poor) and kept the Promise box around for metadata LUNs and a small volume. Everything working smoothly so far. Was the least expensive upgrade for us since we get to keep all of the fibre channel infrastructure (though we're still using 4 Gb fibre). Luckily it's still enough bandwidth for current projects as the number of video editors has reduced slightly.

    As was said, we're encouraged at least that Yosemite seems to not only support Xsan, but have some UI enhancements making it seem like a not-yet-abandoned product :)

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    Just though I'd let everyone know that I did the upgrade on the weekend and everything is working fine now as I did everything by the Apple documentation. Thanks to everyone who chimed in about doing the MDCs first.

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    The log shows that your LUNs are disappearing, causing the volume to stop and become inaccessible. Looks like a problem in fibre channel. I'd suggest updating to the latest Promise SANLink2 drivers released 5 September. Check that everything is okay in the fibre channel switches and in your RAID controllers.

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    If you can start the volume but can't see it, the volume is either failing to start or crashing shortly after starting or activating. Your metadata appears unwell. Try repairing it:

    If that doesn't help, I suggest contacting Apple support.

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    Give us more information and logs. Your SAN volume seems to be crashing.
    Tell us about your config, network setup, storage. More log info around the crash (system and cvlog)

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    Based on the absolute silence regarding this issue, I am reluctantly going to have to give up on Xsan. Is StorNext any better?

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    Yes, we're running 09 Xserves. Is there anything special I need to know to upgrade the primary and secondary Xserves that are MDCs to 10.9 server? Just install Mavericks client, run the server app to install the server components then fire up Xsan admin on it and let it migrate the data?
    After that I can add the minis and move MDC roles around?

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    Xserves stomp i7 minis at executing stornext/cvfs threads? Doubt it.
    They can do more work because QPI and some other Xeon related tech, but strictly as Xsan controllers? They are slower. (New 4 core Mac Pro, is perfect controller replacement btw)

    When speaking of running cooler, I was talking about BTU output for your room, not how the computer feels on your hand.

    If you had the fastest model 2.93 GHZ it would be slower than 2.6 i7 with Turbo. The truth is, Stornext wants faster clock speed than anything. Long ago this is why SPARC was not recommended as Stornext/CVFS/ADIC controllers.

    Anywho, new mini coming out will be even faster. It is time to replace the xserves :)

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    I assume we're talking about 09 model Xserves. There is a massive difference between 09 and earlier models.

    Namely earlier models won't run 10.9.x, and are waaaaay slower.

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    Well they're faster, and may generate more heat in the rack, but RUN a LOT cooler... 2009 Xserves absolutely stomp minis.

    You can install the mini, if you can put 10.6.8 on it first. Why don't you just upgrade the Xserves one at a time though? I've done exactly that for quite a few clients.

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    Xsan seems about the lowest risk strategy in the world, if apple somehow pulls support for it (they are actively working on and improving it so IDK) then just go to StorNext MDCs.

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    I do approx one every month or two for various clients. Xsan is very much both alive, and kicking the snot out of NAS, etc.

    Maybe we don't hear about it because it works so well?


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    The elephant in the room is that Apple's plans as it relates to OS X Server and XSAN are muddy at best. We just saw XSAN Support EOL'd with no explanation. As usual, Apple wants us to guess. Yet, we have a business to run.

    At the same time, the OS releases since 10.7 for Server have been nothing short of embarrassing. If we go by the old adage that actions speak louder than words, then Apple clearly does not care. As examples of things that just don't work well, and that's putting it nicely…
    • SMB
    • AFP for many has a nasty memory leak in 10.7.x and 10.8.x that makes the server highly unstable.
    • Look at the networking issues in 10.9 that caused flaky MDCs amongst other issues.
    • OD and its management tools seem to be getting more brittle by the day.

    Heck, who has confidence in 10.9.x as a server?

    It's all well and good that the software is virtually free, but if it isn't reliable, it's not a good deal at any price. I truly wish this was not the case. Clearly, the talent and resources are being poured into other things. Again, I truly wish this was not the case.

    Given all the changes at Apple, I'm honestly surprised that XSAN is in 10.10. I'm happily surprised, nonetheless.

    Here are some practical choices:
    A Quantum-based StorNext 5 solution
    A Windows 2008 R2 or 2012 R2 solution with an AFP stack
    Tiger Store/Serve

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Yes, or you can add the mini as a third controller and upgrade it first. It is probably time to kill the xserves. I am not sure why people like using these over minis. They are slower/hotter/louder and cost a lot more to run. I guess it looks cool in a rack?

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    We are going to upgrade the Xserves but I wanted to use one of the Minis as an MDC failover while I upgraded the Xserves one at a time. Are you telling me that I have to upgrade the Xserves that are currently MDCs first to Mavericks then I can add the Minis?