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    Xsan 4 Migration Guide by Apple Inc.

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    I put up some screenshots of a clean Xsan 4 install on my blog, link below.

  • Reply to: OS X 10.10 Yosemite and Xsan   2 days 19 hours ago

    Hopefully your MDC's won't restart after two weeks. I'm waiting at least a month before I upgrade to Yosemite.

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    Volume is always mounted on both MDC's. I'll try to gather info from logs. It usually requires a hard boot, so logs get wiped. What is your recommendation on leaving XSAN Admin open all of the time on one of the MDC's?
    This is looking like a storage problem. We have been working with Promise, but are still getting frequent failed drives. Whenever a drive fails or is replaced and initiates a rebuild, the lockup problem happens.

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    Have you made sure all Xsan volumes hosted by these two MDCs are mounted on the MDCs? This is required for things to work properly, especially failover.

    What do you see in the cvlog and nssdbg.out log at the time of the freeze/failover? Please don't copy/paste the whole log here. Only find the relevant messages around the time frame of the freeze/failover.

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  • Reply to: Finder not refreshing   1 week 2 days ago

    I've done some preliminary testing with 10.10 GM2 and I'm encouraged to see that the finder refresh bug appears to be resolved on an Xsan system I set up on it.

    Its still in beta, and things can definitely change in a short amount of time, and that doesn't even begin to address some larger issues of other software compatibility on 10.10, but at least that issue seems like it got some attention.

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    The XSan support product was XSan ONLY - a product that no one really bought. It was introduced many years ago, superseded by Applecare OS support at a cheaper price. I remember attempting to purchase XSan only support a few years ago when we first acquired the san. My apple account executive recommended very strongly to NOT buy the XSan only product. This was three years ago, and even back then, the product made no sense at all. Too limited in scope.

    We've have maintained Apple OS Support for years with excellent results.

  • Reply to: New Xsan Installs?   1 week 4 days ago

    I just finished using Apple Enterprise support on a Xsan upgrade issue. Enterprise Applecare support is first class - unlimited first level support, and 10 incidents per year for more advanced issues,

    The only XSan support EOL'd was a really strange plan that included XSan ONLY. All XSan support was rolled into the Enterprise support level several years ago. Sales engineers steered customers away from the XSan only offering. My Enterprise support account supports XSan as well as the entire OS, including system integration. with Promise drive arrays and Qlogic fibre channel switches.

    And I've been running XSan for 4 years with zero major problems. Only 3 Enterprise support escalations in the past three years, all solved without rebuilding the LUNs, wiping the MDC's or other drastic actions.

    I look forward to XSan 4, eventually, once we know what Apple has done with the product. Right now my editors are happy and productive. I considered Stornext and facilis, but have little incentive to shell out a lot of money for a problem that does not exist.

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    After restoring the Time Machine sorted no effect, i decided to manually copy the Xsan folder from the time Machine drive (included the hidden .auth_secret), and the volumes are back online.

    Despite the fact this computer still does not appear in the Xsan admin of both MDC, but i'll try to manually modify the config.plist

    Curious that restoring the Time Machine didn't put back the files correctly.

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    So, i want to give an update after so many tests

    Upgraded the client to Maverick 10.9.4 -> nothing
    Reinitialized the client to 10.8.5 -> nothing
    reinstalled the Time Machine backup on the client to put back the configuration -> nothing

    All the other clients are working like a charm.

    Honestly, i don't know what to do anymore.....

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    I've managed to get the LSI cards working by flashing Apple firmware into them. Alas, the only Apple cards I've got have firmware older than 1.03.23. (1.03.20) Can anyone dump 1.03.23 firmware and throw it at me?