Multitrack Audio

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How does the fork production suite support multi-track audio >8 channels? I have a client who is considering B4M. They have a library of video tapes with multiple language tracks. They need to view the proxy and select different audio tracks. They also need to be able to create a web version with the multiple audio tracks in WM. How does B4M support these types of assets?


Craig Thomas

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Multitrack DAW is very similar to a desktop DAW, in that tracks are represented vertically along the left and the clips are displayed horizontally. The basic version has eight tracks (mono or stereo), but you can bump it to twenty-four with an in-app purchase. There are few frills: no effects, no EQ, not even a fade function. I achieve all of these by copying tracks to other apps such as Twisted Wave or Nanastudio to add effects or processing. According to the developer, all of these functions are coming in the future. Still, even as it is, it'll get the job done and with more tracks than anything else.
StudioTrack, on the other hand only provides eight-tracks (all mono) and is set up a little like a portastudio, with tracks represented as vertical mixer strips. Though editing is far more limited than MT DAW, StudioTrack provides effects and EQ. For basic "all-in-one" recordings, this is a good bet.
There are also a few four-tracks. I have tried GigBaby, StudioMiniXL and GigDaddy. The latter is the best of the three, on the strength of its effects suite as an in-app purchase option (I think it was only a buck or two). There's also the Tascam Portastudio, but I haven't tried that one yet. All of these are very much patterned after four-trackers, with simple controls and little editing.
It's still early days for this stuff... the apps aren't as sophisticated as they could be. They are adequate for basic portable tracking. For now it takes a lot of copying and pasting to do a full production on the iPad, but it can be done.