Any Mavericks out there?

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Hey Folks,
I can see apple advertises xsan with the new server v3. Has anybody tried it? Sorry if I missed another thread on this subject.

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It's on the "To Try" list, unsure when I'll get around to it :shock: Also have to play with SMB2 but mixed OS ver could make that a fun trial.

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I have a customer thinking about upgrading their Xsan to Mavericks.
As there is no data on it they need to preserve, I'm thinking it would be best to simply reinstall it, as it's currently running on 10.6.8..


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Did you end up upgrading this?? Were there any problems?

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Besides some basic testing, that yes it exists, and yes that it does work, I have not put it into production yet. But I will have to sooner than I'd like because all these new Mac Pro are going to want to play on the SAN.