Anyone using XSAN 3 or upgraded to it?

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I am starting to wonder about planning an XSAN upgrade from 10.6.8 to 18.x at some point in the future.

Has anyone been using XSAN3? I have read the upgrade guide and it all seems rather straightforward to upgrade.

Any points of view or opinions welcome!

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Looking at 10.8/Xsan 3 here as well (although, MDCs are currently on 10.5).

It gets complicated for me because of the official 10.8 support of the 2008 Xserve:


My major question: What symptoms exist for running 10.8 *clients* and having 10.7 MDCs?

Apple marrying Xsan to the OS has really screwed things up. :cry:

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I just upgraded a Xsan 1 to Xsan 3. Replaced the Xserve G5s running 10.5 server with a Mac Mini Server and Mac Pro server running 10.8. Existing intel clients upgraded from 10.5 to 10.7 or 10.8 as required. It works.

I have not tried 10.8 clients on a 10.7 controlled SAN. It is not officially supported and YMMV.

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Running several Xsan systems on xServe 2009s with 10.8

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Did you have problems with the Xsan 3 wizard on the xserve 2009? I keep getting an error about the network not being configured correctly and it tries to create a new LOM port. I can't get past the first step. But DNS and Open Directory are configured and running perfect.