Block/Stripe Breadth Settings

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While I can find out the bandwidth a video format uses to dertermine how many raid controllers etc I need, I cannot find what is required to be able to set block or stripe breadth in xsan.

I gather that this is based upon frame size and that data is written to disk by frame. Am I correct?? If a frame is say, 128Kb and I have four LUN's I would devide the frame by four and set this as the block I warm?

Any help would be welcome.


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Our [url=]Xsan FAQ/url lists the bandwidth requirements for common video formats. (We took this from Apple's Xsan page.) Is this what you are looking for?

Aaron Freimark
CEO, GroundControl

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Hi Aaron,

I do have the info on bandwidth, which is helpful. Though I am more interested in the individual block/frame sizes for each codec. I have done the Xsan Admin course and the method of calculating block/stripe breadth is based upon the size of the block/frame that the application uses.