High fsm CPU load on Xsan 3 Mac OS 10.8.4 MDC

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We're running our 68TB Xsan volume on 10.8.4 for a view months now and a big difference between this version and the old 10.6.8 Xsan 2.2.2 volume is that the fsm CPU load is a lot higher than before.

We were used to a CPU load around 5 till 10% on our early 2009 Xserve but now we are seeing a CPU load around 100 till 150%.

It is a busy volume with around 25 clients doing all sorts of video stuff. And it is a clean installed volume: Clean install of Mac OS on the MDC's and a fresh Xsan File System.

It would be great to hear your experience.

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Does it affect your second controller after a failover?

-Trevor Carlson

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No it doesn't.
And when we restarted the mdc and failed back to it it doesn't turn up the cpu anymore.

Nobody complained but still weird.