Maximum limits from SAN target to MAC OS 10.x?

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Quick question I can't seem to find...

What is the maximum number of SAN luns that can be allocated from a single Xsan fibre channel target port to a MAC OS? Is it 255, 512, or higher? Is this documented anywhere?

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lolopb wrote:
...according to page 21 of Xsan 2 Admin Guide from Apple, here are some limitations :

Number of storage pools in a volume : 512
Number of LUNs in a storage pool : 32
Number of LUNs in a volume : 512
Number of files in a volume : 4,294,967,296
LUN size : Limited only by the size of the RAID array
Volume size : Limited only by the number and size of LUNs
File size : Approximately 263 bytes
Volume name length : 70 characters (A–Z, a–z, 0–9, and _ )
File or folder name length : 251 ASCII characters
SAN name length : 255 Unicode characters
Storage pool name length : 255 ASCII characters
Affinity name length : 8 ASCII characters
LUN name (label or disk name) : 242 ASCII characters

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