FCSVR ON 10.7.5 server?

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Howdy Ya'll!

We have done away with using finalcutserver as a MAM.
However... we still have it running with a compressor cluster just to have the workflow automation of dropping movies in a network afp folder (storage actually on XSAN). The movies are made into proxies with TC burn into another folder, then the originals are deleted.

Including the server actually running finalcutserver,
All servers in the cluster are running 10.6.8 server and have been bullet proof for at least a year. (They all perform at least one other function as well.)

Question is this:

[u][b]If I upgrade all of the servers to 10.7.5, will finalcutserver still run?/b/u

Having a hard time finding answers on line about the server side application. There is plenty of information and a solution for getting the java client to work on 10.7 and 10.8.

I'm not at all worried about losing my fcsvr database. Or rebuilding the automations, and there is no media in the final cut server database to protect during the upgrade process.

I guess the follow up question is:

[u][b]Without finalcutserver is there an easy reliable way using compressor/ Qmaster, to do watch folder transcodes and source delete automations?/b/u

Any advice/ experience helps!


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No experience with this?

I guess I will end up trying a test build and see how it goes.