Recommended Ethernet Switch?

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We are in the process of looking for a replacement ethernet switch for our Xsan. I was wondering what kind of switch people have installed in their facility or any suggestions they may have for a 1U or 2U 48-port network switch. Definitely need it to be Gigabit.

From my understanding, Apple recommends a "Dumb" switch that require no fancy configuration.

Really looking forward to any feedback. Thanks in advance.

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i am not a big fan of dumb switches. I know a lot of people disagree here but in the situation I have used dumb switches I like the 3COM, HP.

as for the reason for liking non dumb switches, you can do a lot more with them. VLANs for trunking across buildings and other sites. Remote management and redundant power solutions. Remember this, large stornext environments are all VLAN, no datacenter is not running VLAN. Its a rumor that was started in the Xsan community that has 0 validity. That said no problem using this guys in your environment.

I would like to ask how big your SAN is and what the layout is like.

-Trevor Carlson

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I agree. The trick to using a managed switch is to manage it very lightly. Don't turn on what you don't need.

Aaron Freimark
CTO, Tekserve

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abstractrude wrote:

I would like to ask how big your SAN is and what the layout is like./quote

Our Xsan is 160TB with 28 clients.