Thunderbolt Rack

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We have just purchased our first 16 Bay Thunderbolt Rack for a customer project,

The Unit was easy to setup and testing on it worked perfectly.

The Unit will be upgraded to TB2 in q2 of this year, so this will bring extreme speeds for data transfer. 

Looking forward to using more. 

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If you don't mind me asking, how many clients are you using it with?  And how are they connected to the unit?

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What exactly are you doing with it? How is it configured and with what cards? Thanks!

-Trevor Carlson

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Hi Trevor,

We are a Distributor of the product, however we also build and configure the unit to client specifications....


The Unit is currently set to RAID 6 with 48TB (42TB Usage) using an Areca Card. 

Feel free to contact me if need more info 

Dan Levy

'The UK's Premium Storage Partner'