Promise Smartstor DS4600 RAID case performance

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I am looking for any 2 or 4 disk case with raid and esata port. I have found this Promise Smartstor DS4600.


I hope, that on this forum is anyone who can tell me if this case supports real raid performance being produced by Promise?

Maybe there is something other better ? I am using it for keeping backup of evironment, vhds, photos, multimedia, so... everything... 

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No offence but thats a really old piece of Hardware. I tested it some time ago but was not really statisfied.

If good Raidcontrollers or external Raid devices are requested we sell hardware from Areca, thes are definitely the best external raids in my opinion.

ARC-8040 - 8Bay SAS enclosure 

ARC-5040 - 8bay Hi-Speed eSATA/USB3.0/Firewire 800 /iSCSI/AoE/USB2.0 (ARC-5020>4bay)

ARC-8050 - 8bay Thunderbolt

ARC-5026 - 4bay Thunderbolt/USB 3.0

have a look here: