AFP and Barracuda LB 340, not stable?

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I've a Xsan setup with two 10.8 server used for AFP (and for few systems, SMB) and I try to use a Barracuda LB 340 to handle HA constraints.

We don't have a need of big bandwidth, but we need easy to use HA system for end user.

The LAN is a flat network, so I've configure the LB 340 with the TCP proxy mode.

Most of the time, it work. But users connected to the AFP share through the LB experience some problems. File in read only, impossible to copy file from a share to an other, etc.

Same users, but connected directly to one of the OS X Server don't have the problem.

So, I'm wondering. How do you handle your HA setup, and if you use Barracuda products, how do you configure it?

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I ran across this the other day:

It suggests changing the location where the AFP server saves tokens to somewhere on an Xsan volume. For example:

[code]defaults write /Library/Preferences/ reconnectKeyLocation /SAN/etc/AFP.conf/code

The information is quite old, but may be worth testing out with your load balancer.

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Indeed, reconnectKeyLocation "have" to be changed. And I've already do it.

One strange thing, when I look at the content of the AFP.conf file, it's empty.

Is it the same with you?