Poor SMB reshare write performance

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Our 10.8.5 Xsan 3 SAN is reshared by an Xserve via AFP and SMB. Currently AFP performance is as good as 100MB/sec for read and write but SMB performance on Windows clients is terrible, with only about 40MB/sec read and <10MB/sec write.

Is anyone else resharing via SMB to Windows clients? How is your performance?

Some additional notes:
-Not isolated to our reshare server. I setup a test SMB reshare off the backup MDC with the same results.
-OS X SMB clients perform better than Windows - as good as 60-70MB/sec read and write.
-Definitely Xsan related - shares off the boot volume SMB performance is fine.

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Some more things I've tried with no perceptible change:

-Forced SMB 1 and disabled OpLocks on the Windows client - no change
-Tested against 10.9.4 SMB server. Big performance improvement for Macs (100MB/sec) but no change for Windows.
-Tested with SMBUp - no change

I'm looking into other solutions, which brings me to a followup question: does anyone reshare their Xsan via SMB with a Windows Server mounting the volume with the StorNext client?