StorNext Reshare (SMB vs NFS)

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In my current environment, we are running
Xsan 3.0
Few fiber switches (5600s)
Few RAIDs (Promise E & Js)
Two MDCs (Xserves)
MDCs and fiber-clients are running OSX 10.6.8

We are looking into several, new solutions and StorNext is one of them. Alot of our users reshare, via AFP, from a Xserve, which has the Xsan volume attached on there

If we proceed with StorNext, we can either go with a SMB reshare over a Windows Server (Windows 7 Server) or a NFS reshare over a Linux server (Red Hat Enterprise).

In my experience with SMB, it is more stable since it will group multiple request together, reducing network overload. With NFS, it will offer better speeds

With a large group of reshare users, fifty, accessing large, Adobe files (Photoshop, Indesign, etc) at 4Gbs and up, which in your opinion would be the best reshare protocol to use?


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Hej Gerad,

do you know the Group Logic LAN Client for StorNext?

Never had time to test it but should be a try!



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Thanks Seb. I'll do some research on that one.


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After some checking, the Group Logic LAN client charges per users (few hundred). With 50 users, the cost would be wild.

Also, it's limited to AFP, which is pretty much died already and a protocol that we are trying to move away from.


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I would mix and match. I would reshare with AFP for Macs. The protocol is far from dead and unless your 100% mavericks you won't get SMB2 features. I would use NFS for Linux/Unix clients and SMB for Windows clients. I would probably use Windows server for reshare, so you will have to spend some cash there. Based on what you said about spending money on SN DLC you're not in the market for Stornext. It is far more expensive than you know unless your doing the appliances which are still expensive.

If I were you, mac mini or new MacPro MDC and a Windows server with SN FX for reshare. I am actually not sure on status of SN FX and the latest version of Xsan.

-Trevor Carlson