10.8.5 Update and FinalCut X (10.0.9)

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We are having issues since the 10.8.5 update with FinalCut X (10.0.9) randomly unmounting XSAN volumes.

Only rebooting the workstations fixes the issue.

Anyone having similar issues since updating?

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Wow, that is disturbing. When you say the volume, do you mean just on the client or in FCPX as an event volume? Elaborate a bit and share some logs.

-Trevor Carlson

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Here's what happens:

1. Boot Workstation, Login

2. Open FinalCut X

3. Add SAN Location...

4. About 5min in FinalCut tells me that the volume is no longer available.

5. Volume(s) disappear from the workstation and XSAN Admin (from the server) says it cannot connect to the client.

6. Reboot and it works for a few hours, then repeats the above.

We have 2 workstations and 2 MDCs, all running 10.8.5.

Working on getting some relevant logs.

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I think we've seen similar in 10.8.4 with fcpx 10.0.9. So this might just be an fcpx issue.

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Here's a crazy one for you... The problem was the fault of Pioneer BluRay Drives (Specifically Pioneer BDR-208D).

For whatever reason FinalCut would dismount that drive and a few seconds later the XSAN volumes were dismounted and could only be re-mounted after a reboot.

Since disconnecting the BluRay drives we have had no issues with the XSAN volumes on the workstation.

Some observations:

-We only caught this because the XSAN volumes dismounted after we burned a DVD a few too many times (mind you the XSAN volumes dismounted even if we didn't burn a DVD)

-After the XSAN volumes were dismounted we could no longer control the BluRay drive. Sometimes it would disappear from the system, other times the BluRay drive still showed up but would not respond to eject or read commands.

-Every time the XSAN volumes crashed the "core" was rebuilt. This is some 17Gb file used by XSAN and is located in /cores. After crashing 10+ times it fills up the drive and the old/invalid "cores" had to be manually deleted.

10.8.5 supplemental update just came out and address an issue with drives unmounting, so that may be the culprit, but at the moment we have not tested that.

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Do you still think it was the Pioneer Blu Ray drives causing the issues?

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Yes. As of today we have not experienced any crashing with the XSAN/Final Cut since disconnecting the BluRay Drives.

Two things:

1. We have not done the 10.8.5 supplemental update. This may fix the issue and allow us to reconnect the BluRay drives but we have been waiting for projects to slow down before we do that.

2. I have read a lot of places that similar issues are unique to Pioneer drives and that LG drives don't have as many problems. Had I known that beforehand we would have gone that route but we are not sure if the brand of the drive is actually the root of the problem.