LUN numbering issue

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I've been reusing the same LUN numbers across my fibre targets ie 0-6 without problem until recently. I attached an additional target with the intention of creating a new Xsan volume on the same MDCs. This time just having the new storage (Xyratex) on the same SAN causes one of my other targets (Enhance) to be knocked offline. I was able to stop that from happening by changing the LUNs to a higher number on the Xyratex. However I still have to leave LUN 0 duplicated because both the Xyratex and the Enhance don't even show up on the Mac without having a LUN 0 present.

I've never heard of there being any sort of LUN restrictions in any of the Xsan docs or things I've read online. Is there some known reasoning behind what I'm experiencing? I'm still having some issue here because even though the Enhance no longer gets bumped off, the Xyratex has ridiculously slow speeds ~10MB/s and reports errors.


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LUNs on one WWN shouldn't affect those on another WWN, something else is happening here. How's your zoning? Could be rscns. Need more info on your environment.

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After a lot of testing I have found this link

Which basically says the Enhance RS16FS does not work and that is the problem. :cry: