NEED HELP XSAN Volume won't start!

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we are having a major issue with our XSAN.
Here what we are using two Promise VTRak E-Class and a Mac Pro that functions as the XSAN controller. The Mac Pro has Mountain Lion installed.

After a shut down (for maintenance) the Volume (which are both RAIDS combined) will not start. There are error markers under the Volume and under the LUN tab there the yellow ! markers. But I can not find any information why.

Now, not sure if this is crazy or not but a coworker thought it would be a good idea to reconfigure another Mac Pro as a XSAN controller and added the Promise Raids. (I would think this is not good choice)
Good news is the Volume works but now data! :( So he did Data Recover scan and said that the "data" is there. But we know how well that goes right?

After finding this out this was done, I reattached the Raids to the the original Mac Pro. After doing this I logged into the VTrak and looked if I can see any issue here what I noticed that the originally assigned LUN mapping was missing.

So what can I do to the original controller see the Volumes with out loosing data?

I really appreciate any help, thank you!

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This does not sound good. If your co-worker hooked up a different system, then went through the setup assistant and configured a new SAN and a new
volume then your data is most likely already lost. Configuring a new volume would have invoked cvmkfs. From the man page:
cvmkfs - Initialize a Xsan Volume

WARNING: This will destroy ANY existing volume data for the named Xsan volume!

So even if your co-worker named the volume the exact same thing the data is gone. If the volume currently mounts under the new SAN run
sudo cvadmin show long
and see what the “Created” date is. If it’s the same date as when your co-worker setup the new SAN then the worst has already happened.

Good luck.

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Correction; you should run
sudo cvadmin -F -e "stat"

Or if you only have one active volume cvadmin will run stat anyway.