Permissions and ACLs

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I haven't the foggiest what's going on with my Xsan volume right now, maybe someone can help me out...

I've got a shared volume that affords individual users with a personal storage space that they should have full control over, other users in the group need to be able to read and write but not delete or take ownership. For whatever reason, the ACL and permissions on this folder seem to bork themselves with no rhyme or reason. I've re-established the proper perms and propagated them but they just seem to keep changing, randomly. Here and there, a user will lose all perms to their own folder while other users will retain their perms without issue. I'm baffled.

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Are your POSIX or ACL permissions being reset? How do the clients access the volume (direct fibre mount or AFP share)?

I suspect you need to coordinate setting POSIX permissions, ACLs, and client umasks properly. I've done this kind of environment before, but it requires the right setup in order to keep working.

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ACL permissions seem to be the culprit, POSIX seems unchanged no matter what. clients access the volume over direct fibre.