Reconfiguring Xsan question

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Hey Xsanitians,

I’m looking for some advice on reconfiguring our Xsan storage setup.
We currently have a Vtrak E class with 16 2TB drives and another VTrak E class with 16 1TB drives with an attached J Class with 16 1TB drives.
We are looking to configure these to serve up a single Xsan volume that will be used for almost exclusively HD video content (students will be using Final Cut Pro X).
When configuring a new volume for HD video with Xsan admin it is recommended to use LUNs in multiples of 4 (in fact if you don’t then the Xsan configuration ‘wizard’ tells you that “For best performance, use multiples of 4 LUNs in each affinity that it used for data”)
Looking through the documentation ([url] I don’t see a way to configure the available VTraks to have a number of LUNs that is a multiple of 4. Should I just go with [url] for the 16 2TB Vtrak and [url] for the second VTrak and it’s expansion chassis?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated as it is not often I get to work on Xsan configurations and I’m definitely feeling a bit rusty!!