stornext FX client version

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Anyone know how to find what version we have currently installed on our one windows client?

All I can find is client revision 3.1.2 build 8.

I need to know if it is 1.4, 2 or 2.2.

I'm looking at upgrading our 2.2 xsan to mountain lion and this is the first of my hurdles I'm researching.


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you can run the same commands on both Xsan and SNFS: cvversions


C:\Program Files\Stornext\bin\cvversions

unfortunately, the results will be similar but not give you the answers you seek. What I would recommend is this: Compare the version you would like to upgrade to against Apples compatibility matrix: and then find the correct version for your Windows box to make it work. You have a license on the MDC located at: /Library/Filesystems/Xsan/config/license.dat. Open that text file and you will see you StorNext FX Serial Number in there. Call Quantum's Support Line @ and request the SNFS FX version you need. It should be a free download.

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unfortunately, the client has let support on the stornext licenses expire.

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Shouldn't be an issue. I've not had issues with that when making this exact type of request. You aren't requesting support you are requesting a digital download of the software that was paid for.

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According to an engineer that was helping me out there aren't really binaries for Stornext FX 2.2. They supplied me with 3.5.8 client software and it worked pretty well, but saw in the compatibility matrix that for my xsan 3.0, Stornext 4.0-.3 is recommended.
We installed the client RPM (linux) for version 4.x and it worked great with the FX license.
I don't know why they make it so confusing.

Operate a small xSan in a road case.

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That confirms what I've always believed - StorNext FX is just a licensing product, it is not really separate software.