Transitioning to separate OD servers

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We're transitioning an install from built-in OD services on the MDCs (which were also hosting DNS) to separate DNS and OD servers so that the MDCs can do only Xsan for performance reasons (This is a very large system.)

All clients and MDCs are properly bound to the separate OD servers now, but I keep getting errors like this

[code]kernel[0]: xsanfs_getsecurity: cvp 0xffffff8056002000 nt_sd_key 0x90a0463adf: unable to map SID S-1-5-5-0-551317 (error 2)

at a rather terrific rate of 20 per second.

New systems I build according to best practices with seperate OD/DNS do not have this issue.


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Can't be 100% certain, but maybe this link will apply?

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Try a simple remove all ACLS command in terminal

Then reapply the new ones in the GUI.

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You can clear all ACL's using chmod. I believe the switch is -N

-Trevor Carlson