xsan client mds errors

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I have 2 [i]Lion/i MDCs and 5 [i]Snow/i clients.
The below errors are showing up on the Snow clients.

7/6/12 11:20:27 AM com.apple.metadata.mds[52] XSANFS_FSCTL_SpotlightRPC fsctl failed (errno = 45)ERROR: _MDSChannelInitForXsan: _XsanCreateMDSChannel failed: 45
7/6/12 11:20:27 AM mds[52] (Error) Message: MDSChannel RPC failure (fetchPropertiesForContext:) [no channelAccessToken]
7/6/12 11:20:27 AM com.apple.metadata.mds[52] ERROR: _MDSChannelXsanFetchAccessTokenForUID: dead channel
7/6/12 11:20:27 AM mds[52] (Error) Store: {channel:0x101a41500 localPath:'/Volumes/Media'} bring up failed -- will retry

Spotlight on the clients is set to ignore the "Media" volume, and I turned off Spotlight for the volume in Xsan, but these errors persist and they're filling up log files.

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These errors can be safely ignored. Its a common occurrence to find these on SANs that have had spotlight enabled at some point. They also sometimes occur if you've never had spotlight enabled.

All they are telling you is that it can't find a spotlight store, and can't create one for the Xsan volume.

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Good to know. I've now deleted the .Spotlight-V100 directory from the volume and the errors have stopped

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Don't be too terribly surprised if they come back sometime in the future.
But as morphenine said, they can be ignored.