Xsan extend volume problem with total free space

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I have an xsan with 2 mdc (mountain lion) with 1 eclass promise and 1 jclass and 2 volumes.

Recently I need to add space and more bandwitch.

I add 1 e class and 1 j class to my fabric swicth with four lun.

I extend the first volume in my san. After that my volume is up to 32To.

The free space of the volume is wrong. I see in xsan admin 9To of free space but I have only 9To of data in my volumes.

I think the extension of volume create a mirror of my lun.

Do you confirm that ? And what si the method to expand a volume with new contrĂ´ler and more space

King regards<

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Free space reported can be wrong if the volume is fragmented and/or extremely full then expanded.

See this Kbase:


Xsan: Available free space incorrect on heavily fragmented volumes

On an Xsan volume with heavy free space fragmentation, the available free space may be less than expected.

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Thanks for your help,

I will test that next week. If the operation will be ok I put solved for this post.

Kind regards