XSan internet connection

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I should first say, my knowledge of the XSan, and networking in general, is rather limited. However, it is my job to oversee the running of our post network. I have had very few problems until now, so, I am hoping someone can help with some info. We just moved offices to a new location.

I have set up the XSan, the same as before, and it seems to be running fine as the computers can log in with their network accounts and see each other, but am having an issue connecting to the internet. I assume it is because we are using a new config here, and the connection was previously set up manually and it is looking for its previous router. I opened system preferences for the primary controller, and changed the network to automatic using DHCP (it just removed the router address). Looked good to me, so I hit "Apply Now" and the Reconnecting icon came up. It all seemed promising, but that was yesterday at 5:30pm. It still says it is reconnecting 18 hours later. The computer isn't frozen, nor is the XSan admin, but I feel like this is far too long. The computer display went to sleep over night, but not the system.

How long should I continue to wait? Is there a way to cancel this without causing problems? Is there a better way?

Info: I am running a primary and backup controller, each using OSX 10.4 (I know, it's old but have been afraid to upgrade as I don't want to mess up something that has been working) and accessing through Remote Desktop. XSan admin v1.4. Everything connected through fibre channel and 2 ethernet cables.



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So, I had a power outage, which auto quit the process. Now, I can't log on to the network user account from that computer, though, the main controller is listed in my shared devices. But, when I try to control it in Remote Desktop, it doesn't allow me too. Just says to make sure Screen Sharing is enabled. Before, it would just prompt me for username and password.