XSAN Volume folder move

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I'm baffled and could use some opinions here.

I've got a root folder on an XSAN volume that has mysteriously (none of my users will lay claim to it) moved itself to within another root folder. The end result looks like this:
Original Location -- > /Volumes/Xsan_Storage/Analysts_Folders
New Location --> /Volumes/Xsan_Storage/Acquisition/Analysts_Folders

Now, Like I said earlier, nobody will lay claim to be the source of how my root folder got moved, and when I say moved I mean that most of the data within the original path vanished, entirety of the folder is gone from the original location, save for two nested folders and a paltry 400k-ish of tertiary data within those folders. The new location seems to have the entire remainder of the original folder, best I can tell.
I've got the bulk of my clients on win 7 machines with StorNext FX so its conceivable that one might have inadvertently initiated a cut/paste type operation but I'm talking about a filestore in the ballpark of 12TB, it doesn't just copy in an instant.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could look in log files to try and winnow down where this might have stemmed from? Is it conceivable that a win7/SNFX client initiating a drag/drop could cause this ?

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It definitely looks like some kind of destructive copy gone wrong, but I'd fsck the volume. How full is it? How old is it?