Xsan Volume will not allow access - RW mount is Locked

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Hi All,

I have a client with a Xsan 2.2.2/10.6.8 system where the one Volume has started to act up.

I have run cvfsck -j & -vw and all seems fine.
I'm running snfsdefrag -vr on the volume, and a lot of files are being moved.

The volume will mount on MDC's and clients, but we can not get access to it in Finder.
The volume icon has a Lock on it in XSan Admin and in Finder.
Trying to change Permissions in XAdmin, throw error: 100069 (CANNOT_SET_ACL_FILE_ERR).
I can SU to root and access the volume in Terminal, delete files and such ok.
I have rm -f .DS_Store on the root of the volume, did not help.

I can't se any extended attributes on the volume...

Anyone have a clue what is going on here??


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make you dont have a chflags hidden value on the volume.

-Trevor Carlson