Xsan Log Generation

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Thanks for the contribution,

It seems that this script only puts /Library/Filesystems/Xsan/data in a dmg. Do
you confirm this ? Personally, I won't put a tool I don't control on a production

I use cvgather, which is very good IMHO.


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This is built in AppleScript. Therefore, you can access the source within the .app
bundle as needed. If I have a shell into a server then I too prefer to grep logs
directly and use cvgather, etc. But this tool was written for the environments
that live behind firewalls that I don't have any access into...

Having said that, it will be trivial to add code that inserts the output of cvgather
and the contents of the config files into the dmg, so I will more than likely do
that as soon as I find a little time to do so. And if anyone is interested in doing it
then let me know and I'll move this into SourceForge to allow for collaboration
outside of my own personal repository...

Charles Edge
Director of Technology, 318