Factorial releases ClipTouch 1.2 with Lion Support

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Wellington based Factorial Ltd released ClipTouch 1.2, an update to their Final Cut Server client for the iPad. ClipTouch connects directly to any Final Cut Server without requiring any additional configuration, and lets you browse, share, collaborate, and present your media assets in a totally new way. Browse, review and approve your video assets, taking advantage of the mobility of the iPad, and its unique MultiTouch interface.

ClipTouch also supports playback of audio files including MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAV and more. ClipTouch includes built-in preview of iPad-supported image and document types including PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, Camera RAW, iWork, Microsoft Office, CSV, TXT, RTF and more. ClipTouch also allows you to send documents and images to other apps on your iPad.

New in ClipTouch 1.2 is support for Final Cut Server deployed under OS X Lion or Lion Server. Also ClipTouch 1.2 now authenticates directly to Final Cut Server without the need for an external authentication helper service or internet access.

Please note that although Final Cut Server installs under Lion, neither the Final Cut Server Java Client, nor ClipTouch can authenticate without making some configuration changes on your server.Factorial has published a brief guide on how to install Final Cut Server on Lion and offers support and consultancy for transitioning existing deployments.

For enterprise deployment Factorial offers ClipTouch Pro, a customised version displaying your custom metadata, and branded for your organization.

ClipTouch Features

  • Search and discover assets
  • Directly download and view clip proxies
  • Supports the default proxy setting
  • Supports HD clip proxies
  • Clip timecode display
  • Edit asset metadata
  • Change asset status
  • View and add timecode-based annotations
  • Listen to your audio assets
  • Preview images (PNG, JPEG, RAW…)
  • Preview documents (PDF, iWork, Office, RTF…)
  • Send documents and images to other iPad apps
  • Archive and restore assets to any archive device
  • Respects permission sets based on your login
  • No server configuration required
  • Supports direct and VPN network

System Requirements

  • iOS 4.2 or later
  • Final Cut Server v1.5.1 or later
  • Access to server ports 8826 and 8891
  • Login defined on the server or in Open Directory
  • Active Directory is not supported

Pricing and Availability:

ClipTouch is available in the AppStore for USD 15.99.

ClipTouch Pro is available for Enterprise deployment — please contact us for more information.


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Are there any plans to add support for Active Directory?