FCP X is here, and looks like Final Cut Server is Out

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Important Information about Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Express, and Final Cut Server

Effective June 21, 2011, Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Express, and Final Cut Server have reached end of life. Resellers may return any unsold inventory to Apple. If resellers opt to return unsold inventory, it will not count against the reseller return cap. See standard policies and procedures regarding returns for more information.


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Apple should open source Final Cut Server, Shake and Color and give
back to the community. They've pretty much left pro users out in the cold.
QuickTime/Darwin streaming server and Webkit are great examples of
software that has thrived via Open Source and benefited the community.

Apple should do let these products live on via open source! Many depend
on them!

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Webkit & QTSS etc are used by devs though, FCP is an end user product and
media houses dont have the time or inclination when they can buy a solution. Shake I could see working open source though, as VFX houses do dev their own

I'd rather they opened out their products with APIs and decent plugin
frameworks. For example allowing a FCPX events to run 3rd party code, so they
could provide MXF support for FCPX. FCPX just requests a UUID, which could be
mapped to the UMID and push the video through core video.

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Final Cut Server has a lot of power. Its especially useful for integrating various
systems in the backend and managing various workflows (i.e. publishing video,
images and assets to other systems) along with a response system to events that
can be tied to scripts.

As for FCP X, it looks like it will have Python support:

Though it feels like a premium version of iMovie and not a Pro app.

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apparently there will be an XML based API

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Hopefully it will work with Final Cut Server. I just wonder how Apple with deal
with the void left from its discontinuation.