Final Cut Pro X 10.0.1 adds nine new features.

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Not bad for a .0.1 update. The announcements lists these features:

  • Media Stems Export
  • Rich XML Support
  • Custom Starting Timecode
  • Full-screen View in Lion
  • One-step Transitions on Connected Clips
  • GPU-accelerated export
  • New Theme: Tribute
  • Camera Import SDK
  • Projects and Events on Xsan

About the Xsan support, Apple notes:

Create and edit your Final Cut Pro X projects and Events on Xsan. Ideal for multi-user workflows, you can import media through Final Cut Pro X and place it directly on the SAN. Multiple users can access the same source media, and each editor can create separate projects and Events on the SAN. Users can then edit from any system attached to the SAN, making it easy to move between computers and continue working.

So no shared timelines (wait! no timelines at all! I forgot.), but it sounds like the same Xsan support in prior versions of FCP.

Finally, and this is the first time I remember Apple doing this, they pre-announced two features. "Coming in early 2012: Multicam Editing, Broadcast-Quality Video Monitoring."


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Xsan support is not what it implies:

"You can store your Events and projects on a storage area network (SAN).
These network storage locations give you more options for storing your media
and streamlining your workflow over a high-speed local network.
Although you can access SAN locations from different computers on a
network, only one installed copy of Final Cut Pro can use a SAN location at a
time. If you have Events or projects stored on a SAN location, you must
remove the location in Final Cut Pro to make it available to other computers
on the network.

The SAN location feature requires a SAN volume, such as an Xsan volume
connected using the Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP)."

They have effectively made a multiuser filesystem into a single-user
read/write. But you do get a nice little alert…

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The release of Apple's Final Cut Pro X created a big discussion just like this article New update for FCP X addresses user complaints. Does it a helpful editing software tool for editors? It is said that it is incompatible with files from old versions of the software, and the interface has been entirely redesigned. So that complaints arises.