The Inconvenient Truth: An Online Video Demystifying Final Cut Pro X

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Think FCPX is just for making skateboard videos? Think again. In this special Tekserve event, presented by Evan Schechtman of and Outpost Digital, and co-sponsored by Manhattan Edit Workshop, we took a look at the history of digital video editing—with a particular focus on Apple's Final Cut Pro X, and how this just-released software sets the foundation for the industry's next big revolution.

This is a great intro to FCPX for power users, and worth the hour duration. Watch it full screen and high res!

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Very well done. I want to know how he achieved that 3D timeline effect in

Nice presentation guys.


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Great presentation... and I loved the pedestrians peering in through the window!

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The timelines were created with BEEDOCS
Timeline 3D
. It is Mac software that can generate animated timelines and
either navigate them interactively or export them to Keynote.

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Cool, thanks!

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I finally had a chance to sit through this video. I think his last line pretty much
sums it up. After having tinkered around with FCPX for several weeks (and
badmouthing it hard) I think I'm eating my words now.
This made me completely reconsider my stance on X. THIS IS A MUST WATCH

Thank you for this.

Common sense is something that's not very common!

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OK. I give this video the credit that after watching it made me install FCPX and
try it out - to see what everybody is talking about. I'm sorry to say but it is a
sad sales attempt to bring this program back to life. FCPX is totally unusable for
a profesional environment! The lack of, for e.g., true multicam support shows
that it is not a good tool - it's a toy. I won't go into details but many things are
done wrong and as an editor i would never use it for my work.

On the other side i like some things. AU are nice to have, although it would be
nice to be able to apply them to the whole audio track. But of course, we don't
have now dedicated audio tracks - that sucks for audio editing. I can already
see a final sequence with 3000 cuts with audio and video flying all over the
place - disaster!!!!! I can see now why there is no XML, OMF, AAF... This is not
the way to do it Apple.

64bit is nice too, background rendering, audition can be useful, the new
trimming I could get used to very fast, even the new compound clip thing is not
a bad idea, but the rest - terrible!

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Final Cut Pro has been a staple for video editors, pro and amateur, since 1998. Last summer, it was upgraded that gave many customers a lot of reason to complaint. But the brand new version is incompatible with files from old versions of the software, and the interface has been entirely redesigned. Apple issued upgrade 10.0.3 Tues in an attempt to correct some of the difficulties. Here is the source: New update for FCP X addresses user complaints