New Version of Fiprecon to connect Final Cut Server and Archiware PresSTORE

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Fiprecon is a connector for Final Cut Server and Archiware PresSTORE. I've been working on extending fiprecon to especially support these new features:

  • recursive archiving and restoring of productions and FCP projects
  • stores id, label and barcode of the tape on which an asset has been archived in the asset’s FCSvr metadata
  • sends a mail to an administrator, if a tape needed for a restore process is not available. Includes a list of missing tapes, supports authorized mail sending

It's available for free at including a pretty manual step-by-setp setup instruction.

It's slower than the original fiprecon version, as it needs to extensively talk to Final Cut Server on the command line, though, but this shouldn't be a problem in most environments.