Post-NAB Seminars in New York City

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Site sponsor (and my employer) Tekserve is having Post-NAB wrapups on April 21, 26 and 27. These are free seminars with vendor representatives and products on-hand. Space is limited; click on the links below to register.


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We need your guidance, We are facing some issues with our FCP projects.

We have 7 machines on SAN set-up.
System Configuration - 2 x 2.26 Quad Core Intel Xeon.
RAM - 8GB.
SAN config - 6 x 16 TB Promise E Class. (Total 96 TB)
Capture Card- AJA Kona LHi.
FCP version - 7.0.3
The compression that we are using to edit is Apple Pro Ress 422 HD (1920 x

The problem that we are facing frequently is FCP quits unexpectedly and also
many times the message "out of memory" pops up.
We then need to restart the system then it works for 5 to 10 minutes then
again same problem, some times it works OK for an hour or so.

We have tired formatting our systems and reinstalling OS and FCP also.

Please suggest what can the issue be. And how do we solve it.